Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There is much to do & plans to set in place before I depart.  I'm flying off into the sunset, well actually to Toronto. It's my Spring buying trip, can't wait to see what trends await for 2012 in fashion & home decor. 

A relatively uneventful flight except when the pilot announced a wheel needed to be changed before takeoff....hmmmmm  Touch down was smooth,the shuttle bus was on time and I "checked in" at a lovely hotel. King size bed, down duvet & and SO many pillows!

For 3 days I shopped for hours & hours. Who knew one could shop for so long but there was just SO much to see, decisions to be made, & pulling out the VISA card makes the wrist so sore!

Time to rest, soak my feet, and dream of HaPpY tHiNgs to come....all those parcels!

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  1. hmmm I seem to have a bit of back reading here to do!...Thanks for dropping by Jeannie...was in Chilliwack a few weeks ago....did you move...or have I lost my mind???
    Well Off I go to see what I have missed here!
    Thanks for dropping by!