Thursday, April 21, 2011

I have such nice memories of Easter especially when I was in my teenage years.  Keeping the tradition of The Easter Egg Hunt going, my dear Mom would write little notes and scatter them all over the house.  Each little love note would urge me on to search for more clues and delightful little gifts would be found. She always knew what I loved and so those gifts were always treasured.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Day @ The Barn

A few weeks ago we had a beautiful sunny day ~ they are few and far between these days.  We spent some time at the barn so April could groom Gabby ~ she was one dirty pony!
We took Gabby into the open field with nice grass for her to munch on. 
Gabby got some loving care and attention. She soaked up the warm sun, had a smorgasbord of grass and fresh carrots.
The afternoon was finished off with a good brushing of her coat, her mane and tail were detangled.  She was one happy pony!