Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter has most definitely arrived! The wind has been relentless  roaring through the Valley causing the snow to swirl and drift into places it's not supposed to drift. The roads are hazardous and whiteouts are abundant, many schools and business closed (until further notice). I took this picture looking out my office window. The photo is deceiving because it has a particularly calming look to it, but trust me, it is anything but calm.

I love the look of the snow against the old wood.  The temperature is hovering at about -20 with wicked (and I mean WICKED) outflow winds. Mother Nature is showing us what *w *i *n*t*e*r is all about.

My darling little Malti-poo is dreading this time of year. Oh yes, he looks all cute and innocent, but trust me.....he hates wearing his new coat (any coat for that matter)!

So it is that time.  Time to make a cup of something lovely & hot, something to soothe the winter weariness away.  Perhaps add a sweet (or two).

Gathering a few of my favorite magazines, I will flip through the pages of inspiration & beautiful things. Dreaming of projects I will tackle in the Spring.

Most definitely dream of sunny days filled with green, florals, and COLOR!

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  1. ouch...seems you guys had way more wind than us...but pop over to my blog to see how much snow we had!