Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Has Arrived!

On a beautiful day in September, my daughter and I planned our 2011 Fall Hat photoshoot.  We both agreed Cultus Lake would be our destination as we envisioned brightly colored leaves blowing in the wind.

We drove all around the lake, checked out campsites, pulled off the road numerous times but we were unable to find just the right spot. 

As the sun was starting to go down behind the mountain and the light was shifting we knew we had better find our destination pretty quick.
Oddly enough, if I wasn't so stubborn and listened to my daughter's original suggestion ~ we could have spent less time (and gas) driving all over the place! So there we were, no leaves in sight, just the two of us as the end of the dock. The lighting was perfect. The breeze rippling over the Lake & the photo's.....well, they turned out perfectly!