Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Love, Health, Happiness ~ a simple recipe for 2012  Best Wishes, Jeanie 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It is hard to believe another Christmas is just around the corner.  Time marches on and stops for no one and I find myself wondering where did the year go? Being the owner of a small boutique, I have been planning my buying, gearing up for this season, for months now.  In my personal life however,  my shopping trips are those of necessity and quick decision-making must be had. No second guessing as I have not had the luxury of time on my side.  Each year, a little voice inside my head echoes "I am going to be more organized" but unfortunately, it never quite pans out. That being said, now that I have actually written it on paper, perhaps next year I can sigh with relief, pat myself on the back, as I have stock piled the perfect gifts for my loved ones throughout the year. On top of my "done" list will be the pretty written Christmas Cards with personalized notes for all my special friends and family. That would be perfectly....perfect!   

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The joy of visiting the Make-Up counter. So many different brands,colors....products galore!

It always makes the job easier if one has the correct tools. A brush for this and a brush for that. One thing I have learned is you can't "skimp" on the quality of your Make-Up brushes. It's much better to have one top notch brush rather than a few cheaper ones.

 I used to watch in anticipation as my Mom would apply her stepping-out-for-the-evening Make-Up. She was frugal and instead of using a specific "blush" she would dab her lipstick on a Kleenex and carefully smudge it on her cheeks. She would run a comb through her short stylish wavy hair. Clip on her earrings.  Leaving the best for last ~ she would slowly, meticulously apply her red lipstick. Taking the other corner of the Kleenex she would "kiss" the hanky making sure her lipstick was applied evenly ~ not too overdone. I like to think my love of Make-Up is hereditary, one of the more pleasant genetic traits I also share with my daughters.