Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Take a peek inside @ The Button Box !
Beautiful Vintage Glass Jars ~ Vintage Round Mirror ~ Pretty Bird Cage
I love different types of Glass pieces ~ they reflect light so nicely
I've been Spring shopping for my wonderful customers ~ step inside and be inspired~find a treasure...or two!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It is Saturday evening, a delicious dinner has been consumed (thanks to my husband-the-chef), I am feeling very tired after a very busy week. In my mind, I have a list of many things I should be doing but feel the need to write a simple post about what I experienced yesterday. // In the early afternoon on Friday, a friendly nice looking Gentleman came through the door. I would guess his age to be around 65 years.  He was dressed appropriately for the cold weather with a warm winter coat and a rather natty looking hat (of course the hat was the first thing I took note of).  We chatted back and forth about this and that and as I was busy with another customer he proceeded to browse.  Once the opportunity arose, he approached the counter and inquired as to whether I new of a woman named Shirley Thoms?  Of course I knew Shirley!  She was one of my favorite customers!  In many ways, she was old fashioned in the sense that she always looked  so"put together" with her coiffed red hair, high heels, matching handbag, and long manicured fingernails. This was a woman with style, a woman who loved and appreciated beautiful things.  I recall feeling extraordinarily sad when I read that she had recently and unexpectedly passed away while visiting her home town (somewhere in Saskatchewan).  The kindly Gentleman introduced himself as "Doug".  Upon reflection, as Shirley had visited my shop hundreds of times, we would have the best girl-to-girl chit-chats,and she would always mention the love of her life, Doug. Immediately, I felt as though I had known Doug because Shirley would love to talk about their love and how they managed their long distance relationship.  // Yesterday, Doug happened to be out for a walk Downtown when he noticed the name of my shop on the window and he recalled his Shirley often spoke of me and The Button Box. He told me a beautiful story. He told me about a love so strong throughout his life which kept him young, vibrant and strong. He told me about the complete and utter despair he was feeling with the loss of the love of his life.  I learned he asked the red curly hair Shirley to high school Prom but she declined because she already had a beau.  He spoke of how their lives took them in different directions but he always dreamed that one day they would be together as a couple.  When many years later their paths did cross, their affection for one another blossomed.  Of course, their relationship had it's challenges as he was an established teacher in Saskatchewan and she was a well loved teacher in Chilliwack. They both had their successful careers that they had worked so hard to achieve and they knew their only option would be to travel back and forth, as time would permit , to make the most out of their time spent together.  They both loved to dance.  They loved music and romance. He loved that she was so "classy" and she loved that he was a true Gentleman, in every sense of the word. // Doug and I must have talked for over an hour, I lost track of time.  I listened to him tell me all the special little things about his Shirley. He felt the need to tell me about the tragic ending that took his love's life away.  I could feel his complete sense of loss.  I too felt so overcome by sadness, and yet at the same time, I knew that by letting this Gentleman retell his love story and by sharing his memories, for a time, his broken heart would rest a spell. // I wish I could write the story, how it should be written, on the pages of a book, but this is the best I can do for now.  I'd just like to send a special message to Shirley ~ You would love my new line of Spring hats ~ you'd look fabulous in the purple one with the matching handbag!

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's always fun when the parcels arrive!  I will be a very busy little bee over the next few days as I unpack our newest "Spring" treasures ! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Several years ago when I was pondering the idea of opening a shop, I found a great book called "A Shop Of One's Own" published by Victoria Magazine.  I used to read that book from cover to cover (still do) and look at the dreamy photo's that were so inspiring. This book was my "mentor" in print!  Recently, I had a local photographer, Kim Mallory, visit the store and she graciously took a few pictures for me.  I am thrilled with this particular photograph because in my eyes, it could be found on one of the pages of my treasured book !

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I don't know about you, but time is just flying by. Whatever happened to January?  For me, it was a whirlwind of a month! I had to be super organized as I had to attend several seminars and plan my Spring buying trip to Toronto. Now that I have shopped myself out (so to speak) I have returned home feeling inspired and excited about the many amazing things I have purchased for the shopI am so excited for SPRING which is just around the corner.