Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Goodness, where has the time gone? Our wee shop is decorated for the season.  Yes, Lavender trees. We wanted something different & they surely have caused a bit of a "buzz", lots of oooohs & ahhhhhs!

We love color, especially at this (often) dreary time of the year. Of course one can never have enough "sparkle"!

So we shopped & shopped and brought in some pretty fabulous accessories!  Burnt Orange, Mustard Yellow, Turquoise, Mocha, the list goes on.  Pair a nice scarf with a stylish hat, perhaps a big pair of earrings, and don't forget fabulous boots!

We found cozy stylish headwear to keep you warm on those too-many-damp-days.
Little Skooter is sporting his rather stylish coat. As the shop mascot his main purpose is to charm the ladies ~ which he does to perfection!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Take time to savor a delicious cup of tea!

Keep cool.....

Wear lots of pretty jewelry.  Go ahead and cluster those bangles, create your own style.

Take time for a cuddle and some tenderness

& dress to the nines!

Monday, July 2, 2012 arrived but left us in such a hurry. It was a busy month in our household, lots of things to celebrate (like we needed a reason).

Our youngest celebrated Prom on a beautiful sunny day. Yes, the sun decided to grace us with her presence allowing us to take some lovely photos. The best-son-in-the-world arrived home just in time (after working in Alberta) for some special captured moments.

A family friend graciously bathed Gabby the Arabian Pony so she would look "snow white" for the photo shoot. Picking the hay out of the lace was a bit of a challenge but worth it for the look of their eyes.  A girl and a pony ~ a love affair.....

A love affair indeed......we celebrated our 34th Wedding Anniversary on June 17th.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Life is good.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

We celebrated in her joy. We cheered her accomplishments.
The sun made her grand appearance just in time for some pretty photos.
We even found time to be silly!  There always has to be time for some silliness no matter what the occasion.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I love this photo ~ not sure if it is Ascot or The Kentucky Derby?      The colors are very pleasing (eye candy). The ladies look so pretty all dressed in their finest and the gentlemen look dashing in their white suits. Wish I was in that crowd wearing a fabulous hat!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Looking back on my teenage years, I recall my Mother's love of the color "pink".

The rosy color gave her so much pleasure whether it was her fashion styles, home decor, or lipstick(s). The color seemed to surround her with happiness.  Being at that somewhat rebellious age, I naturally HATED the color pink!  YUCK, was my first impression when she showed me her new pink fluffy bath towels or her pretty pink lace blouse.  Why couldn't she choose another color (?) ~ for goodness sake, there was a rainbow of colors to choose from!
As the years go by, my ideas and "likes" have changed. I find myself looking at the-once-dreaded pink in a new light.  The color started to sneak into my pallet with the purchase of a soft pink glossy lipstick.  Then I found an adorable pink purse with a rose on the front that I couldn't pass up.  Before I knew it, the faded pink peony nightgown with the softest lace was hanging in my closet.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I love....

A passion for clothing ~ no matter what the season. Celebrate style!
Oh, for the love of purses, big or small, square or round....
Flowers, pure & simple
It's always so much fun when I find something I really this very pretty mantle clock!
Then again I can't pass by a gorgeous hat without my heart going "a flutter".

Friday, April 6, 2012

A few simple words of endearing love...
Soon the chapter in the book will come to a close but the ending is ever so clear. You have so much to look forward too. Your life is just beginning as an independent young woman. You have many options but you don't have to decide right away. Some of your are amazing in front of the camera.

You create magic behind the camera. You capture the essence of beauty....behind the lens.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A couple strolled hand & hand walking past the boutique window.  The lady spotted a pretty white cotton nightgown on a mannequin and commented "oh, I love that pretty nightie" (followed by a big sigh). The gentleman took "mental note" of what his sweetie said and they continued on with their stroll. When the opportunity presented itself, the gentleman snuck away and visited the shop owner to see if he could purchase the pretty white gown in the window. As luck would have it, it was the perfect size, the gown was carefully wrapped in pretty tissue, and the gentleman paid for his prized purchase.  A few days, later the couple revisited the boutique and thanked the shop owner, the gift was perfect, the lady felt special & loved and the gentleman.....rather proud of himself (to say the least) !

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I came across these words and it reminded me to take a moment and be thankful. My son who has been working very hard towards his goal this past year was faced with some of life's disappointments. As his Mom, all I could do was offer words of encouragement that things would turn around for him. He needed to be patient. 

Then a phone call changed it all (at least for now) and he was offered a challenging job in another Province.  He would need lots of warm clothes, layers of warm clothes, and some courage as he faced new challenges.  I am so proud of my son, he has achieved so much in his young life, and he has become wise beyond his years.  I am so thankful......

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There is much to do & plans to set in place before I depart.  I'm flying off into the sunset, well actually to Toronto. It's my Spring buying trip, can't wait to see what trends await for 2012 in fashion & home decor. 

A relatively uneventful flight except when the pilot announced a wheel needed to be changed before takeoff....hmmmmm  Touch down was smooth,the shuttle bus was on time and I "checked in" at a lovely hotel. King size bed, down duvet & and SO many pillows!

For 3 days I shopped for hours & hours. Who knew one could shop for so long but there was just SO much to see, decisions to be made, & pulling out the VISA card makes the wrist so sore!

Time to rest, soak my feet, and dream of HaPpY tHiNgs to come....all those parcels!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter has most definitely arrived! The wind has been relentless  roaring through the Valley causing the snow to swirl and drift into places it's not supposed to drift. The roads are hazardous and whiteouts are abundant, many schools and business closed (until further notice). I took this picture looking out my office window. The photo is deceiving because it has a particularly calming look to it, but trust me, it is anything but calm.

I love the look of the snow against the old wood.  The temperature is hovering at about -20 with wicked (and I mean WICKED) outflow winds. Mother Nature is showing us what *w *i *n*t*e*r is all about.

My darling little Malti-poo is dreading this time of year. Oh yes, he looks all cute and innocent, but trust me.....he hates wearing his new coat (any coat for that matter)!

So it is that time.  Time to make a cup of something lovely & hot, something to soothe the winter weariness away.  Perhaps add a sweet (or two).

Gathering a few of my favorite magazines, I will flip through the pages of inspiration & beautiful things. Dreaming of projects I will tackle in the Spring.

Most definitely dream of sunny days filled with green, florals, and COLOR!