Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~ A Love Affair ~

My youngest daughter started riding lessons 4 years ago.  It all started simply enough, school had ended, the prospect of warm summer days lay ahead, and knowing she always dreamed of riding a horse we signed her up for a few lessons.  Upon recommendation, we were put in touch with a very nice lady who taught English riding lessons at a barn just around the corner from where we live.  It seemed quite perfect. When we arrived at the barn, April was introduced to a very pretty white Arabian Pony named "Gabby".  Who would have thought a love affair at that very moment would blossom?  Sure enough, with April's determination and Gabby's love of getting attention, a very special bond grew.  Twice a week April attended her lessons working tirelessly at learning all the many maneuvers it takes to be a rider.  She learned to groom that horse along with learning Gabby's favorite treats were most definitely carrots. As her mom, I have spent hours taking pictures of her with Gabby and filming her lessons so she could make video's (put to music) of her cantering around the arena.  These latest pictures are of her sitting on Gabby bareback.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ~ there is nothing sweeter than a girl and her pony.

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  1. Hey J
    Such a sweet post! Have you been playing with piknik again? Maybe check to see if there is an "autofix", or something to lighten the tone of the photo? I'll check when I have a moment... ha ha. I have so many moments on my hands.