Sunday, September 26, 2010


One of life's many treasures is our friendship that has lasted 40 years (but who is counting) ?!  We survived the often turbulent teen years, love affairs, heartbreak, marriage, babies, divorce, travel, careers, illness, joy and sorrow.  Through it all, we changed with the times from mini skirts to bell~bottoms, long hair to short hair,  now dyed hair, pedicures, and wrinkles.  We faced our toughest challenge last year when we lost one of our "dears" to the dreaded C.  Through it all, we rallied together and did the absolute best we could for our most darling friend as she slowly slipped away.  We are after all, friends together, forever, and never apart (our motto).     P.S.  We love you Susie and we visited your favorite shops today.   ~J.~

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