Saturday, April 28, 2012

Looking back on my teenage years, I recall my Mother's love of the color "pink".

The rosy color gave her so much pleasure whether it was her fashion styles, home decor, or lipstick(s). The color seemed to surround her with happiness.  Being at that somewhat rebellious age, I naturally HATED the color pink!  YUCK, was my first impression when she showed me her new pink fluffy bath towels or her pretty pink lace blouse.  Why couldn't she choose another color (?) ~ for goodness sake, there was a rainbow of colors to choose from!
As the years go by, my ideas and "likes" have changed. I find myself looking at the-once-dreaded pink in a new light.  The color started to sneak into my pallet with the purchase of a soft pink glossy lipstick.  Then I found an adorable pink purse with a rose on the front that I couldn't pass up.  Before I knew it, the faded pink peony nightgown with the softest lace was hanging in my closet.  

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  1. Lovely pictures...funny how pink has us surrounded!