Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The joy of visiting the Make-Up counter. So many different brands,colors....products galore!

It always makes the job easier if one has the correct tools. A brush for this and a brush for that. One thing I have learned is you can't "skimp" on the quality of your Make-Up brushes. It's much better to have one top notch brush rather than a few cheaper ones.

 I used to watch in anticipation as my Mom would apply her stepping-out-for-the-evening Make-Up. She was frugal and instead of using a specific "blush" she would dab her lipstick on a Kleenex and carefully smudge it on her cheeks. She would run a comb through her short stylish wavy hair. Clip on her earrings.  Leaving the best for last ~ she would slowly, meticulously apply her red lipstick. Taking the other corner of the Kleenex she would "kiss" the hanky making sure her lipstick was applied evenly ~ not too overdone. I like to think my love of Make-Up is hereditary, one of the more pleasant genetic traits I also share with my daughters.            

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