Sunday, November 13, 2011

My girl's and I share a passion.....

We love the excitement of fashion & Accessories. My oldest daughter works magic with her hair styles. My youngest daughter shines with pretty tresses.

Together we love to shop vintage. Half the fun is finding something unique and pretty (of course).
Thank goodness my youngest puts up with me ~ she is my official hat model for my vast hat collection. It is a bonus that is she so photogenic.

It is difficult to select one specific style of clothing we like ~ the options are vast. Oh....and did I mention makeup?

We are dangerous group when we hit the Mac Cosmetic Counter! Quick....where's my Visa!


  1. stunning children...beautiful ladies!

  2. Oh I am SO glad you found my blog so I could know about yours. Your daughters are great hat models and your photography is wonderful. Bring on a feast of hats! I can't wait to relish seeing them!