Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Friday was such a beautiful sunny day! My daughter and I were on a mission ~ we needed to find the perfect outdoor spot for a photo shoot.  Afterall, I need to showcase my beautiful new Spring hat collection. So we headed out......
We drove and drove all over town searching for that special location.  Nothing seemed just right. After 2 hours, we stopped for a bite to eat, collected our thoughts, and carried on.
Funny thing was.....we ended up finding the spot we had been searching for.  The light was perfect, the trees added a softness, and we were 2 minutes from home!
A showcase of Hats!  Now it's time to clean our boots, pack the hats away, and have a nap!


  1. ...great hats ...perfect for a wedding!

  2. Oh Jeanie, your new title is..."La Reine des Chapeaux"...Oh girl friend you are GOOD...and how beautiful your baby is...looks like you both had a fine day...xoxo...Rosie

  3. Hey there Girlfriend,
    Hope your having a Marvelous Mothers Day with your SWEET, SWEET family, enJOYing each and every moment of this VERY special day...xo...Rosie