Friday, March 18, 2011

The Prettiest Spring Hats have arrived!

Special occasion ~ Wedding, Garden Party, or Just having fun!
Each hat has been selected with a great deal of care and attention. I have chosen the color of the straw and added the perfect trim. This particular line of hats is Made In Canada whereby the traditional hat-block method is used. Visit THE BUTTON BOX and we will be pleased to help you find the perfect hat!   HATS ~ THE ULTIMATE FASHION ACCESSORY   


  1. Love the last one...maybe would have worn that if I was going to the royal wedding...just lovely!

  2. Thanks for visiting my Blog and I would LOVE to get together and talk shop! :) Love the hats! C

  3. Oh Jeanie...These are truly splendid...and how FUN that you get to create beautiful masterpieces...Thank you for your well wishes...things are going well...I am just so
    S L O W...I will come for a visit soon. Have a restful