Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spent a relaxing Saturday evening with my daughter at the movies!  I don't go to the movies very often so it always a treat.  We saw the movie at our new (huge) theater complex which has a somewhat "space techno" look to it, all very modern and slick. Big improvement on the seating arrangement~big reclining seats with individual cup holders and designed in such a way that no one (no matter how tall) can block your view. I find the sound almost deafening though and might consider a pair of ear plugs the next time I go (I hate to admit it). Thank goodness we actually liked the movie because the cost was totally ridiculous. By the time we bought our tickets and the usual popcorn, pop, and candy treat, I had spent $57!  We won't be able to afford this very often, it will be movie rentals and homemade popcorn at home. 

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